About Us

Afriturf was established in 2011 and started off as a supplier of field marking paint to schools in Gauteng. Today, we are the market leader in the supply of field marking machines, field marking paint and cleaning solutions for the machines. We have well trained agents who can service any type of field marking machine in South Africa.
We also do on-field advertising, e.g. Logos etc. Our agents and sales representatives are actively engaging with customers to see how we can make life easier for them and we are available, wherever, whenever.

Afriturf dominate the market with its large number of agencies throughout South Africa

TRUE leaders in the line marking equipment and line marking paint!

If you would like to find out more about Afri Turf, please contact us!
We have also recently opened doors in Botswana and we are aggressively pursuing other areas outside the South African borders.
Our customer base includes schools, universities, sport clubs, municipalities, golf courses and several rugby stadiums.
Our products are manufactured in South Africa, which makes it the perfect product for South African conditions.
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